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You taste so good....

Cross posted

A reply I posted to a photo of a LJ friends photo of his cum covered cock.
I enjoyed thinking about this so much I just had to share ;)

Ohhhh! What a lovely....delicious looking cock! and so much cum... mmmm!

*wicked grin as I slided between you legs...spreading them wider as I slowly lower my head to you cum covered cock.* mmmmm! *Moaning in anticipation as I lean in to slowly lick the cum from your skin. Grinning at the small gasp of pleasure you make.
Grabbing you hips, pressing you down, pinning you into place as I slowly lick and suck the delicious cum from your skin.
Holding you down, trapping you with pleasure, with my will, as I slowly engupe your cock! Moaning at the taste of you, feel of you as I eagerly work your cock with my mouth and tongue. Milking ever last drop of cum from you spent cock...sucking, swallowing. Mmmmm! So good! Drawing you deep into my mouth...my throat. My hot wet mouth drawing the pleasure from you as I suck and gulp on the whole length of your cock...
Loving the way you moan and writhe, trapped under me, trapped by my strength, my will, my mouth.
The feel of your cock throbbing...growing harder in my throat driving me wild! As I suck harder! Gulping, demanding... it feels so good! As If I am sucking pleasure from deep in you, drawing it into you cock...drawing it from you to gulp it down....
It feels so good...this seductive pleasurable sensation..but..it is like I am draining away your strength..your will. Taking you, enslaving you with every swallow, every rippling gulp of my throat around your cock.
Taking you, claiming you...draining all that you are, your will, your identity, leaving nothing but Mine! MY cock, MY slave!!
Do you fight? do you struggle?
But it feels so good...so good. You could resit...or you could give in...lay back....give over to my will, my mouth. surrender yourself to pleasure...willing give yourself to me, offering all that you are....
I am moaning gowning around your throbbing cock as I gulp and swallow your length..... give in... give over...
It feels so good....so very good....you are on the edge! But if you cum you will be lost! If you cum down my gulping throat I will drink you, drain you, enslave you. Till there is nothing left but my will cock, my wiling toy...
But it feels so good!!!

Mmmmmmm.... do you cum?
*wicked grin*
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