enjoystheshow (enjoystheshow) wrote in oral_fans,

I loved to be sucked

Hello I am new to the community. But I must say I like what I have seen so far.

A bit about me...
I love to have my cock sucked. Not just sucked but devoured!
I love the though of someone craving my cock, my cum! Wanting to suck me as deep as they can. Wanting to taste me. Loosing control at the though of swallowing my cum. Wanting it, craving it needing it…

I have lots of different fantasies about this. (I am a switch)
Some I picture myself in control, forcing them to suck me, take me deep.
Others they have the power. Teasing me, tormenting me.
But in all of them I cum! Cum as they swallow me, savoring the taste of me.

My love of oral pleasure goes both ways. I love going down on a woman. Tasting her, licking her. Taking her to the point of Cumming! I love it when she grab my head and grinds her pussy against my face, loosing herself in pleasure.

I will be looking forward to seeing what you all have to say. :)
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