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Teasing Myself

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I am at work and horny again. My cock is so hard and I have this overwhelming desire to thrust myself, rub myself. I have to keep from grinding in my chair. Trying so hard to let no hint of my arousal show.
I should focus on other things. But my mind wonders...
I have been reading peoples journals, looking at their pictures, surfing communities. Such a new world of horny people. New ideas and fantasies. So exciting!

I wish I could stroke myself. Slide my hand up and down the shaft of my cock while looking at their pictures. Imaging myself there as I read their dirty thoughts.

An open mouth beacons. Tongue licking lips at the sight of my hard cock. A drop of pre cum on the tip. I want to slide my cock forward, delighting in the purr of pleasure she makes as she takes me into her mouth. Licking and sucking the pre cum form the tip. Savoring the taste of it. Stroking my cock as she sucks hard at the tip, trying to milk another drop out of me.

God it feels so good! But I should stop, I have things I need to do. I pull away. She looks up at me, pouting, her hand still stroking my cock.
"Please?" She asks. "May I have more? I love the way you taste!"
The way she says to makes my body flush with desire, an almost aching sensation floods through me.

I smile, nodding. She stares at my cock, licking her lips and leans forward.
Opening wide she fills her mouth with my cock. Taking almost two thirds of the length of it into her mouth.
She begins to suck me. Working her mouth and her tongue up and down the length of me.
Delighting of the feel of my cock in her mouth, the taste of my skin. She sucks harder.

It feels incredible! The warm wetnesses engulfing me. I feel another leak of pre cum working out of me.
She gives out a moan of pleasure when she tastes it. One had cupping my balls as she sucks harder. Trying to get more of the taste.

FUCK! It feels so good, too good. If she keeps this up I will cum soon and there are so many other thing I want to do with her, to her before that.

"enough" I say. She makes a sound of protest as she keeps sucking.
"Stop!" I say firmly, placing my hands on her face. "I don't want to cum...yet." Forcing her head up, pulling my cock from her lips.
She looks up at me, eyes glazed, filled with raw need. "Please? Let me taste your cum?"
She looks back at my cock, eyes full of hunger and desire. "I need to swallow you."

How can I resist? With a smile I let go of her face.
My head snaps back at the sensation of her greedily sucking my cock. Her hands stroking my balls. As she works me deep into her throat.
Sucking me deep until her lips press against the base of me.
The feel of her throat as she tries to swallow me is too much!
My hips begin to buck as I feel the pressure building in my balls.
She becomes frantic, knowing I am about to cum, working my cock at a fevered pace.
'Yes! That's it!" I cry out. My whole body jerking. My body growing taunt.
"I cumming!" I shout "I'm fucking cumming!"

By balls squeezing tight as I pump my cum into her mouth, into her throat.
She is making such wild noises as she suck and swallows.
Gulping down my cum, working to swallow it as fast as it pumps into her.
My body jerks with each thrust as I pump more cum down her throat.
I keep cuming, my balls throbbing like a second heart as I pump myself into her.

Finally, I slow and stop, spent. She keeps sucking my cock, licking up every last drop of my cum. Savoring the taste of it.
Milking my balls. Sucking hard at my softening cock, getting the last remaining drops from deep in me.

She looks up at me, my softening cock competently in her mouth. With such a look of satisfaction and accomplishment on her face.
I smile at her.
"Keep sucking." I tell her "Suck me until I am hard again."
"We are just getting started."


Let me know what you think. What you liked (or didn't).
And definitely let me know if this got you off!

Hmm, I shouldn't tease myself with thoughts like this when I can't do anything about it. *wink*
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