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A bit about me (NSFW)

Hello all. I am cross posting this. I thought you would like the post as well as my response to a comment I got. I hope you enjoy it

A bit about me: NSFW Pictures and text
30's, Male, Bi-Curious, Switch, in a committed relationship.

I LOVE having my cock sucked. Nothing gets me harder than the though of someone wanting to suck me, taste me. Drink down my cum, savoring every drop!
The though of someone craving my cum that much makes me so hard!

Lately I have been exploring my bi-sexual side as well. I am curious as to what it would be like to taste another man as well.

I am a switch and can enjoy a more forceful element. Forcing someone to suck me, fucking thier mouth. Or being forced to cum, having it milked from me.
(One of my favorite dark fantasies is to be completely drained through my cock, sucked until there is nothing left of me.)

Last but not least a few pictures to share:

Hard for you

A LJ friend commented that the wanted to lick the cum form my cock. And that lead to this reply:

Oh then please do! *I guide your head to my cock, taking a deep breath as I feel your tongue slide up my silky shaft. Licking up my warm cum* Ooooh you do like that, don't you! *As you lick up every bit of it, savoring the taste of me. Mmmm so good!*
Oh yes! *as you take my cock in your mouth, working at me with mouth and tongue. Milking the last few drop of cum from me. You feel my cock throbbing, growing rock hard once more*
Oh you are very good at that! Mmmm, if you keep that up I will have more cum for you to swallow! *Your moan of need around my cock sets me over the edge. I pull you close. Forcing my cock deeper into your mouth. Loving the way you moan, the way you suck harder, faster!*
Ooooh yeah! *I moan* That's it! Let yourself go! Don't hold back! *as I pull HARD at you, the head of my cock pressing into the back of your throat* Don't worry, you can't hurt me, I like it! Ohhh! *I cry out, a sharp noise of pure pleasure as your teeth scrape against my cock* Let your need fill you....oooh....overwhelm you...uuuh!
*I can't talk anymore, you fevered mouth is working so hard at my cock. I buck and squirm against your face, my own passion overwhelming me. I need to be deep in you! I push hard, my cock pressing against the back of your throat, then, suddenly sliding down into it! Sliding deeper, until your lips are at the base of my cock, deeper until your face is pressed hard against my body! My whole length is in you, filling your mouth and down into your throat. You go crazy! Swallowing and sucking, the muscles of your throat rippling around my cock! Trying to draw me deeper, trying to swallow me whole.*
Uuuhhh! *I cry out in pure pleasure, almost painful sound as you suck me so deep. I hold you there, pressed tight against me. You can't breath, but you don't care all you care about is my throbbing cock, filling you. Pulsing in your throat. Throbbing in time with my ponding heart.*
*Arms warped around each other, hands griping tightly as we both pull so hard, trying to force me even deeper. You are feeling light headed, but you don't care, no way are you pulling away, no way are you ever stopping!!! You suck and swallow me, my cock throbbing so hard it is like my heart is beating in your throat. Then you feel my cock jerk.* uuuuh! *a small sound of pleasure escapes me, then my cock throbs HARD, stretching your throat wide*
UUHHHHAH! *With a roar I cum! Gushing into your open throat! Hot and thick it flows down as you swallow and gulp! Every throb of my cock shoots more hot cum into you. More and more as you gulp it down, the heat of it filling your stomach. My body trembling against you as I cum and cum! Screaming in pleasure as I empty myself into you!*
*Till Finally I slow, shuddering, panting as you swallow down the last few drops of cum from my cock. I soften, till my cock slides out of your throat. The softened length of me filling your mouth as you work me trying to milk every drop of cum from my cock*

*panting* Ooooh, fuck you are good! Very good. *as you feel my cock twitch in your mouth, threating to harden once more*

((Wow, I am not sure where that came from! If you don't mind I thik I will cross post this!))
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