kat_lagann (kat_lagann) wrote in oral_fans,

Going down, down, down

I was at a party this Wednesday night and was many shots deep in whiskey. I was very drunk at this point, but I was dancing with this girl Megan, she was a Sophomore a town over. Dancing with girls is fun, they're softer, dance better then guys and are all wiggly, just like I likem. Well slutty dancing usually lead to one thing. We ended up kissing a bit while dancing. Guys were hooting and hollering while we did. I whispered in her ear asked her if she wanted to go upstairs and put on a show for some of them. She was more then happy to. We slipped off and asked a few of the hotter guys watching us to come with us, I didn't know any of the guys who came with us. We went upstairs and found an empty bedroom. We told the guys this was a look don't touch show and to just enjoy. We started making out and quickly I had her shirt and bra off. I was kissing her neck and sucking/pinching her tits. I got her pants off leaving her with just a sexy pink and green thong on. She slipped my shirt and bra off and we continued to make out for a while with our crowd cheering us on. I started to kiss down her neck, to her tits, to her stomach to her waist. As I got there I began slipping her panties off and started eating her out. She started out just with a few “mmmm”s but starting moaning louder and louder until she was practically yelling. She almost crushed my skull when she came, it was fucking hot.
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